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 Spring 2018 Teaching series on Baptism, cCommunion and Confirmation                                                              

27th May 2018   Baptism John 3:1-17   John Beckett
27th May 2018   Baptism John 3:1-17    Stephen Yates
3rd June 2018   Holy Communion - so much more than a meal
21st January 2018   The Wedding at Cana
Storyline Sermons    
17th December 2017   Jesus
26th November 2017   Worship
26th November 2017   Worship
19th November 2017   The Covenant Thread
30th July 2017      Man through the Roof – It’s not about walking
16th July 2017       Jacob and Esau
15th January 2017            Freedom’ John 1:29-42
18th September 2016       The Father’s Heart of Longing       
21st August 2016      Before you were born
Living Well Sermons    
17th July 2016   Living Well - Contentedly
3rd July 2016   Living Well - Living Differently: Honesty and Integrity
26th June 2016   Living Well - Living Differently: Money and Ambition
19th June 2016   Living Well - Gracious Living
12th June 2016   Living Well - Purposeful Living
5th June 2016   Living Well - The Sermon on the Mount

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Acts 9:31-43  Healing in the church today 

John 2:1-11 Rev'd Andrew Green

2nd Sunday of Advent

Marriage and Divorce

Is it enough?

Ordination Service

The Holy Spirit: Like Jesus - in Holiness

The Holy Spirit: Like Jesus - In Serving Part 1

The Holy Spirit: Like Jesus - In Serving Part 2

The Holy Spirit: Like Jesus - Healing the Sick