our values

We meet in many different ways on different days and in different places. As we grow in number (thank God) we enjoy a wide range of worship styles and activities suited to a range of ages and musical taste...

The PCC (Parochial Church Council) wanted to explore how we might celebrate our differences and at the same time celebrate what joins us together as Christian disciples of Jesus all focused on this one place – St Matthias’ Church.

In September 2016, with the help of Diocesan Missioner Enabler, Rev Barry Dugmore, the PCC spent an ‘away day’ at Brunel Manor to set about discerning a set of values for us to live by.

We’ve come up with four memorable phrases, each with a ‘G’ and a ‘J’ in the title.  There are simple icons to match – all based around core Christian teaching. 

  • Going Jesus’ way
  • Knowing God’s joy
  • Being generous like Jesus
  • Growing on the journey






We hope we’ll use them over the coming years to both celebrate the way we are “church” together, however we are connected to St Matthias.

We also see them as a challenge to us as individuals and to us together, to grow in maturity of discipleship and in faith and love.

Together, we want to be the people Jesus wants us to be – here in Torquay – to show Him to the people around us by the way we live.


For a downloadable version including related bible verses, please click here.