the friends of st. matthias'

WHY a FRIENDS of St. MATTHIAS ?  : The Friends organisation was formed in 1997 in the face of an ever increasing need to fund repairs to the buildings and to protect the PCC funds from high building repair/ renewal costs.


WHO ARE WE ? :  The Friends are a group of people who support the constitutional objects which are :” to support the advancement of the Christian religion by improving and maintaining the Church and Church Centre buildings and grounds.” Membership is open to all and members do not need to be connected with or attend St. Matthias Church.


WHO RUNS FRIENDS ? :  The Friends are run by a board of Trustees , elected annually , all of whom must be on the electoral roll of St. Matthias Church.  The Friends of St Matthias is a registered charity ( no.1071191 ), but we work closely with the PCC to ensure that all the money we raise is spent for the benefit of the church, in accordance with our charitable objects.


HOW DO WE RAISE FUNDS ? Our main sources of funds are subscriptions , gifts and  events.


HOW DO WE ALLOCATE OUR FUNDS ?  Apart from a small amount of administration costs all our funds are allocated to repairs and improvements of the buildings and grounds. Projects are normally chosen by the Trustees from a list presented by the PCC. There are special arrangements for urgent unexpected repairs.


WHAT HAVE WE DONE TO DATE ? :  Since our formation we have funded work to the  value of more than  £ 450,000    

Our recent fundraising has focused on the Wellspring Project.

For a list of our major completed projects click here or see our Church Notice Boards            



Membership of the Friends Group is open to all who support the work of the Church. Details of our fundraising events are publicised in the Church Newsletters, on Notice Sheets and on this website, Facebook and Twitter.

We would be delighted to have your support as a Friend. To download a Membership Form click here or speak to one of our Trustees.