Giving money is a Godly business.

It’s part of the Christian way of life!


The Bible contains over 2300 verses of teaching about money and the poor!  God’s call for is us to be like Him – generous!

Everything we have has been given to us!  Think for a moment of all that God has given to you.  And we are stewards of all that God has given to us. 

So, how we spend our money is important.  It’s also a good measure of what we truly value. 

As Jesus says:  For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.  Matthew 6:21


Generous Christian giving releases resources, which promote God’s work in the world and extend his kingdom.

How are you helping to extend God’s great Kingdom project with the money He has given you? 

It’s up to you to think and pray about who you give money to.  But clearly the church needs to pay for the ministers who run it.  Also, as a church, we have also decided to give away a ‘tithe’ or 10% of our regular giving to Christian charities which seek to share the Good News of Jesus by word, and also with practical support for those in need at home and abroad.

'Our share of overall church running costs across the Diocese of Exeter, known as our Parochial Share, is over £70,000 each year. Added to our own day to day running expenses such as gas and electric bills, maintenance, repairs and administration costs plus charity giving this amounts to around £600 a year for each adult in St Matthias.'

Ways of giving to the church

Thank you if you have given to God’s work here at St. Matthias.  Here are some ways you can give regularly.

The most helpful for us is for you to join the Parish Giving Scheme, which is a direct debit scheme, which automatically reclaims the Gift Aid tax back for us if you are a taxpayer.  But even if you do not pay any tax, this is still the simplest way for us to administer your giving.

You can still put cash in the offertory, (ideally in a blue Gift Aid envelope in the pews) or offer a Donation at any time.  These are always welcome, no matter what the amount.

Legacies.  And if you are drawing up or reviewing your will, you may wish to remember the church among your bequests.

Please contact the office, or the church treasurer, Tony Barratt for more information, who can also let you know how to join the Parish Giving Scheme.