Children and Young Peoples Worship and Activities - for more information on these services or groups, click on the link.

Breakfastzone (held in the hall)               09.30am - 1st Sunday of the month          
All Age Service (held in the church)                 10.30am -  2nd Sunday of the month
Evening Youth Service           6.00pm  - 3rd Sunday of the month
Prayzone (held in the hall)               10.30am - 4th Sunday of the month

Sunday Groups

1st Sunday - Breakfastzone includes activities for children in the service.

Holy Communion

0-4 yr olds Creche in Church (Cherry/Amanda)
5-7 yr olds Group downstairs in the Pine Room (Helene/Judi)
8 yrs and over Gamechangers (Tessa)


2nd Sunday All Age Worship

0-9 yr olds Activity in the hall lasting 10 - 15 mins during the service
10yr old and over Meet in the Ark to plan Youth Service


3rd Sunday - Holy Communion

0-4yr olds Creche in the downstairs lounge (Jan/Ruth)
5-7 yr olds In the Music Room downstairs (Victoria/Jack)
8-10 yr olds Pine room downstairs (Lindsay/Pam)
11-12 yr olds Upstairs hall (Peter)
13yr old and over In the Ark downstairs 


4th Sunday               Prayzone – activities for children included in the service in the hall.

                                Morning  Worship – there are no children’s activities in this service.


5th Sunday Family Communion – During the service there is an activity lasting 10 -15 minutes in the upstairs hall with

                                                      children’s team.