men's breakfast

The men's breakfast usually takes place on the second Saturday of the month. It is a time for fellowship and food with the opportunity to hear inspirational speakers, in a relaxed, informal environment. The location for the breakfast and the speaker varies each month.


Date 2018 Venue Speaker
13th January 2018 ERC Paul Barton
10th February ERC Barry Dunnage
10th March The Kent's Cafe Steve Vans-Colina
14th April ERC Trevor Stavely
12th May The Kent's Cafe Mike Blunsum
9th June ERC Cecil Johnson
14th July The Kent's Cafe Trevor Bartlett and Ray Thomas
August 2018 No Meeting  
8th September The Kent's Cafe Robert Partridge
13th October ERC Nick Pannell
10th November The Kent's Cafe John Hart
8th December ERC Christmas Special Tony and Sylvia Barratt