church history

The Churches that stand at the hearts of our communities are visible symbols both of man’s search for God, and our worship of Him.

And, from the grandest cathedral to the humblest parish church, each building has a story to tell.

St Matthias’ is no different. From the deep longings of the community of Ilsham and Wellswood in the 19th century to have their own place of worship, to the thriving church community here coping with the demands of being the church in the 21st century, and reaching out to our neighbourhood… our church tells its own story.

We invite you to take time to look around, and enjoy what the building has to offer, to take time to be quiet and listen to God, as well as joining us in prayer.

Above all, give thanks to God, who inspired the building of this church, and who, in love, draws close to us day by day.

Please see the attached guide for more information.