lent 2020

Four sessions on ‘human flourishing/being what God wants us to be’ led by Andrew Green.  Begins 10 March.  


Click here for a link to the audio files


Session 1.   “Flourishing”        Psalm 1:3 92:12


Growing down – making sure we have deep roots – feeding in God (Spiritual disciplines)

Growing up -        flourishing is God’s work in me by his Spirit

Growing out –      (Mat 13:32) the flourishing tree lets birds (the outsider) perch on its branches



Session 2   “Dressing up”     Col 3: 12, 9-10


Taking off –         dealing with dishonourable behaviour – our “signature sins”

Putting on –         not legalism (not “oughts” and shoulds”). But the Spirit helps us in the fight of faith



Session 3   “Losing & Finding”   John 12:24   Mat 10:30


Losing the “selfish me”                – dying to our selfishness, prickliness

Finding the “God-centred me”    -  finding God’s Spirit guiding me, giving me power, giving me peace



Session 4  “The seeker”     Mat 13:45   Rom 12: 1-2   Phil 4:8


The joyful seeker         Mat 13:45     Looking at Joy & delight in our faith

The truthful seeker     Rom 12: 1-2 The battle for the mind

The inspired seeker     Phil 4:8          “whatever is true, noble, pure….