‘Growzone’ is the latest in the informal family friendly worship services in the Hall. We’ll have café-style seating so that you can sit around a table with a coffee and snack.

If ‘Breakfastzone’ is around breakfast, and ‘Prayzone’ is about prayer and praise, ‘Growzone’ is about growth!

This new ‘9.30am’ stream of services three weeks in four begins on Easter Day, 1st April. We hope you’ll give it a try. We’re adding in age-related teaching groups for children and young people for about half of the service.

As they grow in understanding and faith, so can the adults with some bible teaching to get to learn together about what it means to follow Jesus.

The service will last just less than an hour, with the option of staying on for more coffee so we can meet up with people arriving for the 11.00am service that follows in the church.