ways to serve

The ‘Parochial Church Council(PCC) is the main governing body of the church, but there are smaller ‘ministry teams’ who see to the day to day running of it.

A ‘Staff Team’ (the clergy, readers, youth worker, churchwarden and administrator) meets monthly to review and plan services and teaching.

The bible teaches us that every Christian is given gifts from God to enable us to serve Him in the church and in our day to day lives. It also reminds us to learn to use them! 

In a large and growing church there are always many jobs that need doing – and just as in any family, not all of them are that glamorous!  However, it is much more fulfilling to get involved with something that you enjoy doing and are gifted at, so if you would like help exploring what your gifts are, and how you might use them, then one of the leadership team would be glad to help you. Please let the office know and we’ll be in touch.

If you are already in a home group, then this is often a helpful place to discern what your God-given gifts are.

There are particular ‘ministry areas’ across the church with their own team leaders or coordinators.  For example:

Children and Young People’s work 

The ‘Welcome Team’

The ‘Sound and Audio VisualTeam’ 

The ‘Music Group’ 

The ‘Pastoral Care Team’

If you’d like to get involved with a team, please let the office know and we’ll be in touch.