home groups


In a large church home groups reflect the wider church family in worship, prayer, study, service and fellowship in a small group where you can feel more comfortable.

Home Groups meet at a variety of venues and times usually fortnightly, with a break in the summer.

How do I join a Home Group?

If you would like to join a Home Group please pick up a leaflet from the linkway giving you full up to date information, or contact the Home Group coordinators,

Norman and Lindsay Doidge

Tel 01626 210427

or e-mail via the office admin@stmatthiaschurch.org


Current Home Groups



Venue and Notes

The Rockyroaders

Tuesday 7:30pm

Church Centre

Woodend Evening Group

Tuesday 7:30pm

Woodend Road, Wellswood

The Twenty Eighteen Group

Tuesday 7:30pm


Ladies Alone

Wednesday 10:30am

Church Centre.

Ilsham Valley Group

Wednesday 2:00pm

Ilsham Road

Livermead Evening Group

Tue or Wed 7:30pm


Shiphay Home Group

Thursday 7:15pm

Cadewell Lane, Shiphay

Blossom Hill Group

Thursdays 7:30pm

Higher Lincombe Road

Manor Wood Group

Thursday 7:30pm

Watcombe Heights

Wellswood Avenue Group

Thursday 7:30pm

Wellswood Avenue

Watcombe Park Group

Thursday 7:30pm

Watcombe Park 

Sundial Lodge



Young Peoples Group

Friday 6:00pm

Venues rotate

If not for you.......................... 

Home Groups do not suit everyone for a variety of reasons and here are some of the many opportunities to take part in the activities of the church family. You may like to consider:

Girls Allowed

The Men’s Breakfast

St Matts' Cats


Messy Church and MC2v