godly play


Godly Play...

 We have two sessions each month during the 9.30am services where children come into the Godly Play room for up to 40 minutes to have teaching and do creative artwork. We encourage children from 3 to 11 years to join us - but all ages are welcomed!

A Godly Play session adopts the established pattern of Christian worship and includes a time to: 

   - enter a threshold with a personal welcome

   - get ready

   - hear a story using objects and artefacts

   - explore the story with more open questions and discussions

   - prayers

   - enjoy a simple feast and sharing

   - respond to the story through free choice, using a variety of art materials

   - saying good-bye to each other

Additionally, each week both reception and year 1 classes from Ilsham Academy come into Church for Godly Play sessions. These perfectly complement the Torbay agreed syllabus for RE. Other local schools also use this facility from time to time. Within each lesson, children have the opportunity to retell Bible stories, wonder about what they might mean and explore deeper their understanding, values and beliefs. Symbolism and rich imagery are a key part of Godly Play.

For more information follow this link to thegodlyplayroom.co.uk