re-ordering project

We are in the process of working with an architect towards submitting plans for a major re-ordering of the church to enable it to be more welcoming as a building, and more suitably equipped for the next generation.  The articles attached here give a flavour of where the project has got to."


Redevelopment plans - Issue 1 - July 2015

Redevelopment plans - Issue 2 - December 2015

Redevelopment plans - Issue 3 - Spring 2016

Redevelopment plans - Issue 4 - Summer 2016

Redevelopment Plans - Issue 5 - Lent 2017


Consultation update and survey results


Follow the link below to see a presentation by John Beckett and the architect Alex Coppock. It is 45minutes long, with the architect starting to speak and share our exciting plans for St. Matthias, about 15 minutes in.

Watch the video here


July 2018 - Latest News

As you may have heard last week in church, we’ve heard that the Chancellor has given permission to go ahead with our plans for the reordering.  You can read his judgement (ie his ‘planning permission’) on the church website – it’s a long document but paragraphs 48, 58, 59 and 60 give a helpful summary of the Chancellor’s conclusions. 

The Chancellor's judgement